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Butternut provides execution environments. These environments allow you to execute each of your workflows within a defined context. By default, when you register, we create a "production" environment directly available in your workspace. However you can create as many environments as you need, we advise you to create as many as you have in your IT department. (ex: production, staging, development).

These environments bring several functionalities to your workflows:

Create and edit environments#

Your environments are displayed on the workflows and variables pages in the top right corner. From this area, you can add (+ button) or edit an environment by clicking on it.

Create Environment

Version deployments#

When saving your workflow, you can select one or more environments on which to activate the new version of the workflow. This allows you to have different versions of the same workflow active.

For example, to test a modification without putting critical errors on your "production" environment.


To execute a workflow on the desired environment, its name is expected as a parameter in the webhook url.[workflowId]/[envName]

You can also manage the deployment of a workflow from its configuration window. (see how to configure a workflow)

Environment variables#

Environment variables are key/value variables with a value defined per environment. For example, this allows a workflow to communicate with your test or production API as needed at runtime without having to modify it.

Environment variables can be defined from the "Variables" page of your workspace and will then be accessible from your workflows or masternodes. The value can be encrypted or not.

Create Environment Variable

To learn more about how variables work and how to use them in a workflow, see the Variables page.


Environment variables can be used in all nodes. They can therefore be displayed in a result even if they are initially encrypted. For critical data such as credentials information, we advise you to use "connections" reserved for this.

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