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This page is the most important page of the Butternut service, this is where you build and configure your workflows. It contains 3 main parts.

Workflow interface

The canvas#

Workflows are built on the canvas. It's where you add and arrange your steps and link them with drag&drop gestures.

  • It always starts with a TRIGGER node.
  • Build your workflow by linking the desired operations following the trigger
  • Click on a node to open its setting window.

the Masternode editor use the interface however it does not contain a TRIGGER node but an input and an output node (see more here)

The edition sidebar#

On the bottom left sidebar, there are actions to operate on the view and order your workflow.

Node librairies#

The nodes are splited in 4 categories:

  • Tools: Add conditional logic operators, loop over an array, format data and aggregate results.
  • Services: Use our preconfigured connectors to build your integrations or perform a custom HTTP request to communicate with any api.
  • Human nodes: When automation is no longer possible, add a human node so that an operator from your team can make the decisions for the rest of the workflow.
  • Master nodes: Custom reusable sub-workflows you can build in the master node page.

The version controller#

On the upper right corner, you can perform actions on the entire workflow.

  • Load a previous version
  • Test the current version
  • Save the version and deploy it on one or more environments.

If you get stuck at a point above, please reach out to or via this form.
We're here to support you, and together we can build great things.