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Execution Mode

When you click on an execution from the Execution workspace page, or when you run a test from the workflow Interface, you'll get on the "Execution mode" editor.

Execution mode animation

The execution pop-up#

When this pop-up is displayed, it means you are in execution mode. If the execution is currently running, the information will be automatically updated over time.
It displays informations about what have been performed:

  • the current status of the execution
  • the targeted environment
  • the triggering datetime
  • the list of operation performed
  • the duration of each operation

You can click on the button in the upper right corner to minimize it and return to edit mode.

The workflow overlay#

In execution mode, the path taken during execution is highlighted in color:

  • In Progress Operations in progress
  • Done Successful operations
  • Failed Failed operations

If you click on a node in the list or from the main workflow, you'll get information about the operation performed as its result.
It may be useful to debug your scenario or collect a sample payload of the result.


If a result is available on an operation, you'll be able to set it as expected result of the node.

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